Computing is everywhere!
What is CSEverywhere?
A two day meeting and hands-on workshop intended to:
  • Inform and inspire area educators from grades 5-12 about the need for computing education, the opportunities for students in computing fields and using computing skills, and the nationwide movement to require pre-college computing education.
  • Provide hands-on experiences with computing environments and resources, both for computing courses and non-computing contexts that can immediately be incorporated into the classroom.
  • Foster community building among educators around computing education.
Why Attend?
  • Discover why computer science - not computer literacy - is critical to the success of every student. See how it teaches students design, logical reasoning, and problem solving.
  • Discover why computer science is full of opportunities, and necessary for our economy and future.
  • Receive hands-on computer training.
  • Get access to materials you can immediately incorporate into any classroom.
  • Communicate with others (teachers, administrators, counselors) about ideas to improve computing at your school/district.
  • Be involved in a national movement to bring computing education to students at all levels.
Why Computer Science?
  • Five of the fastest growing occupations are computing occupations.
  • By 2016, there will be 1.5 million computing-related jobs available, and we’re not sure if we can fill them at current enrollments.
  • Computing-related jobs are among the highest entry-level salaries of any bachelor's degree.
  • Computer science underlies most innovation today, from biotechnology to cinematography to national security.
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